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  • 13 December 2018

    The 14th Festival of Polish Visual and Performing Arts, Australia’s largest festival celebrating Polish culture, took place in Brisbane.

    From December 27th 2018 – January 6th 2019, Brisbane was immersed in the richness and liveliness of the various aspects of Poland’s culture. It was one of the most significant events on the Polish-Australian calendar, as it fell on the centenary year of Poland regaining its independence. Since its founding, the PolArt Festival has grown immensely over the last forty years and attained international recognition as the largest Polish event, of its type, in the world.

    As the Festival Patron, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Australia Michał Kołodziejski was in attendance of the first few days of the festival. In conjunction with the Honourable Premier of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk, the PolArt 2018 Festival was officially declared open on December 27th 2018. Also in attendance, among others, was the Honourable Stirling Hinchcliffe MP, Minister for Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs and the President of the Polish Community Council of Australia, Małgorzata Kwiatkowska.

    The PolArt 2018 program showcased some of the finest representations of Polish culture. Throughout the festival there were various displays of music, visual arts projects, theatre and dance, Polish cinema and literature. There were over 1,000 participants from Australia, New Zealand and Poland. Interactive workshops were also conducted, which encouraged involvement of locals and tourists into a further exploration of the many aspects of Polish culture. As the festival brought together both the young and old generations of the Polish community, it not only promoted the Polish spirit among Poles but could also be felt throughout the streets of Brisbane among many Australians.

    The colours of red and white were spread throughout the city of Brisbane, in an expression of passion and excitement that embodies the Polish community.

    Sydney was announced as the host of the next PolArt Festival in 2021.


    For more information and pictures, see PolArt Facebook profile


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