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  • A Personal ID Number (Universal Electronic System of Population Register Number (PESEL)) is a permanent digital code assigned to individuals for identification purposes. The number always consists of 11 digits. A Personal ID Number is assigned automatically to all persons residing in Poland when registering for permanent or temporary residence and to those who apply for a personal ID card. The PESEL system has operated in Poland since the mid-1980s; therefore, people who have registered their residence or applied for and received a personal ID card within the last several years have most likely already been assigned a PESEL. This number can be found on your personal ID card.


    A Personal ID Number is required when dealing with some formal affairs. It is required under passport regulations when issuing a passport. Some Polish citizens have not been assigned a Personal ID Number. These are mainly individuals who live permanently abroad and who left Poland before the introduction of the Personal ID Number system, or were born abroad and live there permanently. Such individuals may be assigned a Personal ID Number by submitting the passport application. Applying for a Personal ID Number is free of charge. The Personal ID Number will be included in the passport.

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